Leader’s ID

One of the key things we need to discover as a Extra Mile person is to Know Our Identity. Any strong family, church, and business have leaders who have identified who they are!  As a result, they are confident & effective in school, at home, in ministry, and at work.

John 8:18 — Jesus said, “I am the one who testifies for Myself.”

John 4:10 — “If you only knew who I am, you’d ask Me for some living water.”

Jesus was one of the best leaders on the planet.  He had no self-doubts.  He knew exactly who He was. Eight times in the Gospels, He said, “I am” and then He defines Himself.

Like “I am the bread of life…I am the way, the truth and the life…I am the door…I am the resurrection…I am the Good Shepherd.” 

To WIN in life, 2nd Mile people have to be confident in our leadership.  Who are you as a person?  Who are you as a parent?  What is your ID as a student?  When you see yourself as a business person or in the workplace, what do you see about yourself?

Why is it important to know your identity?

  •  Your ID affects what you do, how you do it, and why you do it.
  • Everything you believe about you and your outlook on every part of life comes through your ID.  Even your relationship with God and others is all filtered through your ID.
  • So if we don’t SEE right things about our lives, it affects us and our growth potential.

The 1st thing you need to believe about you is that you are a leader. Just as Jesus was a leader, so He has called you to influence the people around for His good.

I believe that God has called every Christian to be a leader. The problem comes when you don’t think of yourself as a leader.  That’s your ID.  

Many people think that a leader is a certain kind of personality. They have to be outgoing or a good communicator.  Those can be 2 good attributes to being a leader.  But that’s not totally true. It’s incomplete.

God uses all kinds of people, personalities, and strengths to be leaders.

  • God used teenagers to lead entire nations.  God used the elderly. He used both women and men as leaders.
  • He uses people who are very bright and He uses people with average intelligence.
  • God uses leaders who are shybolddon’t like to be on a stage…rather work behind the scenesfunny.
  • Regardless — they’re all still a leader…I want to bust the idea of what you think a leader is.

A leader is what God wants you to be, and He’s not wanting to change your personality.  He wants to use you as a leader the way you are.  

Challenge — Write down 8 “I am _______” (fill in the blank) statements that define who you are.  Think about your best one and write it in the comments below.  sbb

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