Great Testimony!

We have been seeing some amazing things that God is doing among the families of Eastpointe.  I just wanted to share one of the stories we have seen recently.

We have been talking about believing God for the impossibilities of life.  So many times, God is asking for us to trust Him and take a step believing His Word.  Until we do, we will never experience how awesome God is in our life.

A single mom approached me a couple of weeks ago.  She said in a kidding way, “Hey, I am mad at you.”  I said “What did I do to make you mad?”  She said “When you did that whole 3-month Tithe challenge.”

She proceeded to tell me that she was raised in a Catholic church so giving to her was seen as a “You got to or else” type of religious thing.  So into her adulthood, she has always struggled with being generous with her finances.  Obviously, for a single mom with 2 boys, it can be very tight to meet the budget every month.

She told me at her previous church she had never really given much, or consistently that is.  Her giving was never based on a percentage for sure.  It was just hard for her to take that step of faith.

When she started attending Eastpointe many months ago, she reminded me that I had offered the 3-month tithe challenge.  This challenge basically gives a nudge to people who give here and there to step up to God’s generous challenge of the blessing of the tithe.

She shared with me how she endeavored to keep her generous giving to God as best she could.  But when you have a bill here and an unexpected expense there – it can be difficult.  So she admitted the tithing challenge did not last for 3 months for her.  It was more like a couple of weeks.

But in February, I taught the series on Beyond the Numb3r5.  At the end of that series on how to BE A GENEROUS PERSON, I again offered the 3 month tithe challenge to give God the 1st 10% before you spend your paycheck anywhere else.  She leaned into the challenge again for a 2nd try.

Meanwhile, she had been reading a book on learning how to dream with God.  She began to put a vision board together with all of the things she was dreaming about and believing God.  On her board, she put that she needed a full-time permanent position with paid medical benefits.

So she had just take the 3-month tithe challenge and she was staying faithful with it.  Now, she was believing God to turn her temporary job into something permanent.

She told me it was just a matter of days that God began working.  She was at work and her supervisor walked up to her and asked her if she had checked her email yet.  After reading her email, God had opened the door right there in her company to move from temporary to a permanent position with a $1.00 per hour raise and added paid benefits.

It is amazing when we begin to trust God in the small steps.  They may seem like BIG leaps and bounds.  But when we step out, God causes us to step up.  sbb

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