It’s interesting to see most people who make Eastpointe their church home come from different church styles and structure. The most common style is a church with a few key people (usually with a Pastor title) who do all the important jobs around the church.

I have never really seen myself as the most important person. I am just Shon. I know it is not the best plan for Shon to be the only one doing things around church.

Eastpointe is that church that is interested in empowering people by helping YOU discover what God has put in your heart. We invite you to participate with your talents, passions, calling, and strengths.

Why don’t more Churches involve their people?

Lesser Paradigm. Like an Old Testament church perspective. If you think the Church should be modeled like the Israelites (God’s people), they had a group of God-appointed priests (ministers) called the Levites who were the pastors.

They did everything at CHURCH – the cleaning, singing, praying, offering. All of the –“ings.”   That is a Lesser Plan if only a few people are doing the majority of the church.

But Jesus shows up to build the Church, using people who SERVE others, give generously, treat the outsider with love, and care for the insider with grace. Jesus proves the Father’s heart to be with all people, to give you His gifts, and He wants your life to bear fruit.”

The way Jesus drew people (disciples) around Him and gave them permission to use His name – to help others, to lay hands on sick people, to forgive sins, etc.

When the Church Started…when Jesus ascended to heaven to be with the Father, the Holy Spirit was poured out on the Jesus followers to empower them to continue what Jesus started.  You only get 6 chapters in the book of ACTS to see Pastors need people to HELP.  

That’s why we NEED YOU – because the Holy Spirit is here to empower you with gifts, passions, and abilities to be used by God. We all must realize God does not just use a few select people called priests…but YOU!

But this does not look like most Churches or what most people think about Church. They are still looking for the Clergy to be used by God. No way — the word Clergy is not even in the Bible.  

At Eastpointe – our Pastors are not the only ones who can do the praying, the hospital visits, counseling, and leading people to salvation. We are not looking for a few experts while everybody else is just a common person.

Church is not 2 groups of people, (priest, then saint) but we are ALL priests. We can all talk to God. We all have a purpose to fulfill. God wants to use all people for His glory. Don’t look for the Preacher! Look at your life, hands, feet, voice, personality, gifting, passion — God wants to use you to build His church.

So Eastpointe is THAT Church — That Church that turns common, everyday, ordinary people into serving, people connecting, Bible leading, next generation moving, God-worshipping, lost reaching people of the Church. Let’s be THAT Church.

As your Pastors, we believe in you…believe in God’s gift in you…and believe when you decide to do something with it — something great will happen!