Thriving FAITH Takes the Pressure Off

“By faith Abraham, even though he was past age–and Sarah herself was barren–was enabled to become a father because he considered him faithful who had made the promise.”   Heb 11:11 (NIV)

Have you made faith’s great change exchange? Have you learned to exchange life’s pressures for God’s promises? We all live in one of two ways, under life’s pressure or within God’s promises. The secret to promise living is faith…believing what God has told me in His Word about Himself and His world.

When you believe God’s promise you belittle life’s pressure. When you trust God’s promise you trample life’s pressure. When you count on God’s promise you count out life’s pressure. When you depend on God’s promise you defeat life’s pressure. When you receive God’s promise you reject life’s pressure. Is that clear? Promise and pressure are mutually exclusive…they can’t exist together.

There are two common attitudes that push the promises of God out of our lives as believers. Watch out for these! (You can see them in the life of Abraham as he struggled with believing God’s promise about sending he and Sarah a son).

I’ll have to settle for less…..or……I’ll have to get it myself

Although Abraham struggled with these attitudes, he ended up putting his faith in God. Just because you struggle does not mean that you cannot end up making the great “change exchange.”   You can be a person of genuine faith.

Family discussion question: Where do you feel pressured right now? As a family, pray for each other. Pray the promises of God over each other and allow God’s peace to ease your pressures.

Children’s activity: Show how promises “push out” pressure by filling a cardboard tube (paper towel or toilet tissue) with crumpled paper. Once the tube is filled show them how the new paper you put in always pushes out the old. sbb

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