Faith Always Comes Out in the OPEN

Thriving Faith is one that is dedicated to God.  What do we mean when we say dedication?  To one person it may mean giving up a part of a football game to come to church on Sunday mornings, to another it may point to a decision to begin giving some of their money to the Lord’s work, while to another it may add up to leaving all that they know to serve the Lord as a missionary in a foreign country.

“So the king and all the Israelites dedicated the temple of the LORD” (1 Ki 8:63 NIV).  What does it mean to dedicate a temple, a church, a child, and a life – to dedicate them to the Lord?  In 1 Kings 8, Solomon dedicates the great Jerusalem Temple to the Lord. In so doing he teaches us some important lessons about the character of dedication.

Dedication means I Declare Something Openly

Dedication is a public announcement of your intentions and commitments.   Many see dedication as some inner commitment that no one can really see or understand. Not true…it is expressed in public commitments and public actions. You know when dedication begins to happen? When you begin to place your faith on the line in terms of public commitments. It’s that willingness to declare to others that add up to dedication.

  • When our forefathers penned the Declaration of Independence, they turned a philosophy into a dedication to freedom.
  • When John Kennedy said, “We will put a man on the moon before the end of the decade.” He transformed a scientist’s dream into a country’s dedication.

God asks us to make “open commitments” of our faith. Baptism is an open statement that you’ve dedicated your life to Christ. Prayer is a way that we bring out into the open our dependence on God. Worship is one way that we say openly and publicly that God is important to me.

Discussion Question: When others look at your life, what do you think they would say you are “dedicated” to?


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